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September 22, 2007 - MDP performed at Rock4Peace Festival (THE LAST OFFICIAL PERFORMANCE)

August 25, 2007 - MDP performed at the "OFF-SYSTEM" Festival at Puppet Theatre.

NEW RECORDINGS July 1, 2007 - new studio recordings from the new MDP CD (to be released at the end of the year) are available in streaming format on MDP's MySpace: Hunt, Apple, Punk'd, Should I, Dare to Live.
Also available on Youtube:
Feeling of Expectation, Dare to Live, Punk'd

ay 18, 2007 - MDP Concert "Live at the Puppet Theatre"

April 19/20, 2007- MDP is playing at Guitarfest organized by VIBROGRAPHUS.

December 11, 2006 - MDP performed at the First Armenian MetalFest (Festival promotion & general sponsorship: VGS / MDP) - - more

photos by JT - click to enlargephotos by JT - click to enlargephotos by JT - click to enlarge

August 24-26, 2006 - International rock-festival "Caucasus Jam", Georgia.
Video from the festival is available for download - "Paradise", 2 min., 3 Mb, WMV (right-click and Save_target_as)
Stream it directly from YOUTUBE
Photos from the festival
Caucasus Jam, MDP, August 25 - photosCaucasus Jam, MDP, August 25 - video

May 22, 2006 - Video from R-CLUB TV Program is now available for download - Feeling of Expectation (5:41 min, 21Mb, HQ Video), or stream it directly from you tube (watch it full screen)
The song is from the new album to be released September 2006.

May 19, 2006 - Review of MDP Live album on OverhookMusic (http://www.overhookmusic.com/)
"...this band could gain lots of fans from the Western world, if people only knew about their existence and the music that they play..." /*direct link to review page*/

March 5, 2006 - Video from Nov.21, 2005 RockTheReferendum Festival "The Mollah Al Sahed" (6.5Mb) is available for download and on YouTube

February 22, 2006 - MDP ::: Photosession

December 23, 2005 - released audio (download full version) + video (fragment is available for download) of Ella Taronc & MDP single.

November 21, 2005 - MDP played at the Puppet Theatre, RockTheReferendum Festival

September 23, 2005 - MDP is back from Germany. more

An interview with MDP:"We prefer to be underground". read more on HETQ | in PDF

May 9, 2005 - MDP Plays Live in Yerevan /by Christian Garbis/
"Their sound is definitely hard, but cannot be compared with what can be heard from “System of a Down”— in fact I would argue that MDP is a much better band musically speaking. " more



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