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Classic Rock Society about MDP

Martin Hudson, Managing Director / Magazine Editor, Classic Rock Society

If this band were American or British they would be making some impact in the metal area of rock. You might not believe how good the band is until you hear them simply because it may come natural to perceive that there are no good Armenian heavy rock bands. Just shows how wrong a perception can be doesn't it.

This is not only metal but maybe prog-metal with a touch of the eccentric about it where heavy guitar riffs are layered with the voice young Elena Zhirkova talking a tale in English. No, it isn't rap rock, but it is eerie to say the least and intriguing too.

The musicianship, as has all of the musicianship I have heard out of Armenia to date, is as good as you will hear anywhere in the world. Henry Grigoryan is the Iranian born guitarist and main composer with Vardan Grigoryan on bass and keyboards, Edward Abrahamyan on keyboards and Mesrop Gyulnazaryan on drums.

The descriptive word 'metal' is not the case though at the beginning of the twelve minute track 'Silk Way' where the Far East definitely comes to mind as the piece starts out in traditional fashion before it builds up in to the more representative prog-metal theme. 'Unexpected rock' might be a better descriptive since you never really know what's coming next.

Threshold certainly come to mind where the heavy, and sometimes speedy, guitar riffs lead throbbing bass lines and searing keyboards - and there's also those strange lead narratives.

The band has been around, on and off, for about twelve years and are now stretching out to people in the West. With this music, taken from two of their albums from 1993 and 1996 respectively, they won't remain a secret for too much longer. Accompanying the album is the CD single 'Falling in Love' that will confuse the listener even more as the heavier riffs disappear to give way to a more laid back approach with Japan and David Sylvian being nearer the mark than anything in the world of metal.

If the band is looking for advice I would stick to the heavier stuff, it makes more impact and they are good at it.

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